The Greosh (IPA: /'gɾe.oʃ/ GDAY-ohsh) are an ethnic group native to the river valleys and southeast coast of west Elovaria, and northern Giir Vema.


The Greosh first emerged as a distinct ethnic group around 3000 B.P. in eastern Elovaria. They were the first in Elovaria to urbanize, with the first cities being founded around 1500 B.P. For the most part, they have since early urbanization been divided into city-states, with few permanent networks or alliances extending between multiple cities. Notable exceptions include the three cities at the mouth of the Greo delta, which are ruled concurrently, and the hegemonial relationships currently existing between numerous cities around the eastern Oran.



All Greosh groups share a similar ethnogenesis myth, which tells that their people sailed via a fleet of ships created by the god Ushgru from the sunrise to the southeastern coast of West Elovaria. Another common motif in this myth is the large stone face jutting into the ocean near the modern city of Jorgan.