The Kaedo'oku'u (IPA: /kɛdoʔo'kuʔu/ keh-doh-oh-KOO-oo) are an ethnic group native to the 'Ametu desert of eastern Elovaria and the Jeund (Ji'udu) Strait region. The term Kaedo'oku'u (or its Ragreoshized form, Kendonku) may also  extend its definition to include the various Tovanael groups, thus referring to all Tema'oki people east of the Drumon River Valley. However, Kaedo'oku'u people proper and Tovanael people are endemically universally considered distinct people.



The Kaedo'oku'u gradually became distinct from the Tovanael between around 2700-2400 B.P. Kaedo'oku'u culture actually bears much more resemblance to the late Tema'okini than the Tovanael, which formed several substrates along the eastern coast of eastern Elovaria and gradually settled and urbanized.

Migration PeriodEdit

Subsequent to the Tovanael Urbanization Period, many Tovanael groups began to see Kaedo'oku'u as hostile and small-scale conflicts and raids commonly took place. As a result of increasing pressure from the Tovanael, many Kaedo'oku'u groups began to gradually migrate westward around 2100 B.P., first crossing the Jeund Strait around 1600 B.P. This brought them into direct contact with the sparse northern Proto-Greosh nomads. Although some intermarriage and assimilation took place, the history of the first contact is largely one of conflict. Over time, the Kaedo'oku'u gradually pushed west, with the furthest Kaedo'oku'u substrates eventually stopping just east of the Drumon River Valley.

Geographic DistributionEdit

To the west, a poorly-defined Drumon horizon marks the easternmost extent of Kaedo'oku'u culture. This line is hard to precisely define because Kaedo'oku'u communities are nomadic and often coexist nearby small Kelamu communities within the western Jeund Strait region. Thoughout Kaedo'oku'u territory, population is by far most dense along the coast and near oases.


The Kaedo'oku'u speak various dialectical descendants of the Tema'oki language, which remain very similar to the original Tema'oki and which are in most cases mutually intelligible. The closest relative of these dialects is the Bana'okel language spoken by the Tovanael people.


The Kaedo'oku'u are primarily pastoralist, and as such migrate constantly in search of hospitable conditions. This usually entails temporary wetland oases or coastal marshes. The favorite animals of the Kaedo'oku'u are goats and camels.


The Kaedo'oku'u retain the Tema'oki traditions of dance and music. Kaedo'oku'u music centers around the drum.

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